Sunday, March 15, 2015

Jr Sr Trip- Missions Worship Night

I think I am doing a bad job at sharing some sweet things in my life that make it so full.
Lets try to rectify that.

CCA Missions Worship Night
The Jr Sr MIssions trip is fully under way. We are going two places this  year. Back to Volcan and to a new location called Mariato. Both are Mountain towns. Mariato is roughing it though. No electricity no running water. Walking with the team this year has been COMPLETELY different from last year. But I very much know that Jesus wants to do a new thing this year. There are 16 students going. I am very excited about that. More people equals more money. Last year we needed to raise 3500 for 10 people this year we need 6800 for 21. Yikes!
In reading the students' applications I came across an idea from Jason Batchelor. He said we could host a worship night and invite people to give. I brought this idea to the team and they LOVED it. They also thought having a bake sale would be a great idea to couple with the night.
Last night I had the privilege of watching their idea come to life.
There were three groups:
Trin's group. I have bragged about Trin plenty! See Here, and Here!
The Juniors: Okay so I requested an all jr group bc I wanted to empower them. I was hoping they would learn to not rely on our seniors and you know spread their wings and stuff. Boy did they!!! I don't know what I was worried about. I'm pretty sure Jason led this group and they were just amazing. I rest assured that CCA will be in good hands next year. =)
Avery's group: Avery started playing Guitar in January. JANUARY!!! She led a full set yesterday. I love watching people be vulnerable before the Lord. I love watching people grow in the Lord. SO much fun. So proud.

We raised $452.75!!!
Left we have $5726.25.

How to donate:
How To Donate:
2. On the left click “Quick Give”
3. Type in Amount 
4. Choose “Missions Trip” from drop down menu
5. Place student’s name in “Other Comments” box (Optional)
6. Fill in payment info
7. Click submit
We appreciate your support more than you know.

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