Monday, October 28, 2013

Student Spotlight: Escalene

I affectionately refer to Victoria Martin as Escalene because last year on a Geometry test she merged the words escelano and scalene on a Geometry test. It brought much laughter to my day because my response was, "I should give her an esticker because she is so especial." <- I know, I'm hilarious, right?
Victoria and I have had some great conversations in the last month or so about what God is doing in her life. She was radically changed this summer and it has been evident in everything that she does. We carved some time out for each other this past Friday before the Crossfire retreat and just sat, talked and broke bread (by bread I mean I ate a burger and she had Yogen Früz).
I decided to tell her a secret. The secret was that I was speaking that night at the retreat. She immediately freaked out screaming from excitement. I did not expect that. She was encouraging me and it was super wonderful and I couldn't help but think that this situation should be reversed.
We get back to the church and we wanted to spend more time together but that just wasn't gonna happen because there were things that needed to be done. We go our separate ways and I come back outside to ask someone a question and I hear Victoria calling my name. I turn around and she comes up to me and says, "Miss B. before you go up can I pray for you?"
OF COURSE!!!!!!!!
I finish up what I am doing and we go into the 3rd grade classroom and Victoria prays for me, in English (that's important because that is not her heart language so the effort that takes is heart warming).
I knew God was gonna move.
I share this because I get to have these unreal moments all the time. My students are a huge blessing to me. They are top notch. I hope to share more stories about how their lives bring me closer to Jesus.

After Vicki prayed I returned the favor because she was giving her testimony on Sunday in both morning services. And this video is that story. Enjoy.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Name

Some time last school year I was talking to God wondering why Panama has been so awesome for me and God wanted me to know that this season of my life is a gift.

Well thanks, God.

This year has been awesome! Second year teaching with the same students is a dream! Also it has freed up my time so much that I have had quite the social life (running 5ks, Paddle boarding, tutoring, etc.). Oddly enough this has pushed me towards God.
Why? God has assured me that he is in constant pursuit of me. God pursues us to reconcile our relationship with him and as if that isn't enough after we are with him he still goes out of his way to go after my heart.

It has been a love story.

God has given me the desires of my heart. It has made me sure that he will continue to do so and this blog will here on share those with you.

(My brother and I outside the canal.)