Monday, January 26, 2015

Amstutz Iron

The iron that the Lord uses to sharpen me usually doesn't come in the form of a wiser more seasoned human being. I often find that super sad cuz I'm always wishing some older woman would take me under her wing and tell/ show me about life and Jesus. Haven't had someone like that since high school and let me tell you it made all the difference! It is one of the reasons I love spending so much time with my students! Any who in this lovely season I get Lisaaaaaaa!! That's usually how I spell her name when my brain is confuzzled and I need her to impart some Holy Spirit wisdom in my life. She is super good at that.

I could call Lisaaaaaa right now to hang out and she would make time for me. She would not just think through my issues but pray through my issues. She'd sit down with me and hear my heart. I just love to be seen. Though I am pretty in-your-face and in the spotlight a lot, I don't often feel seen a lot and I genuinely feel like Lisa sees me. 

This evening Lisaaaaaaa went running with us and then had us all over her home for salad night. Love being in a home. Seeing how people live and love. Love seeing people use what they have to bless others. It reminds me to do the same. It also allows me to think that if the Lord blesses me like he has blessed them that I should be just as gracious.

So here's to my favorite kind of iron.
Thanks Lisa. :-)

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