Monday, October 6, 2014

Student Spotlight: L Goon

Recommendation letters are my fave! This is preproofread because I just wanted to post it!
Love me some Elle Gunn!  

To whom it may concern: 
“As a man thinketh, so is he.” As a bright-eyed first year teacher, I had that up on my wall and 
believed it with all of my heart. People told me that students would jade me but I plowed through 
confident in that belief. Elizabeth Lee Gunn (Elle) is the reason I am not jaded. Elle struggled 
with math before her sophomore year of high school. She walked into my class at Crossroads Christian Academy and owned that truth. I will never forget confirming the 99 she earned in 
Geometry 2nd quarter. Elle inspires me to keep on believing.  
The enchantment doesn’t stop there. Elle left Panama and spent a year Stateside for 11th grade. She was at a public high school in ennessee. The school has a magnet program for the Arts and Elle was able to thrive in her academics and pursue her passion for music. Watch the 
school’s final choral concert and find a bright-haired soprano blending the music’s melody perfectly on pitch.  
In this 12th grade year Elle has returned home and is finishing her senior year strong. In her spare time she sings for our chapel band, plays shooting guard for the Lady Eagles basketball team, and as a personal favorite, she leads Bible study on Wednesdays for a group of younger girls in the community. When asking Elle why she decided to initiate this last activity her answer was a story about an older girl (Carla) who invested in her life. Elle realizes the impact that 
Carla had on her life and decided to pay it forward. 
There is much more to be said about Elle, the bragging could go on for days. I will park the Elle fan bus at the Gunn household. When students posses great character and strong belief in their 
savior, usually the common denominator is a solid home. Mr. and Mrs. Gunn (both Wheaton Alumni) are pillars for their 5 children. Elle longs to hang out with them more than her friends. Wheaton College would be lucky to have this legacy. Elle has dreamed about this her whole life 
and in my humble, biased, opinion I believe she deserves it! 
Esther Brunat 

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