Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Los Rios Christmas Project

After Peru (a topic I need to write a post about) my take away was that as a school we needed to provide more opportunities for our students to serve others.
Enter: The Los Rios Christmas Project 

Student Council helped organize a project that would:
1. Give a toy to every child at the Los Rios orphanage- Huge success
2. Donate clothes for the kids- Big fail
3. Give a gift for the ladies who take care of the kids- totally Mr. President's idea

There are 23 kids at the orphanage and during lunch our students could sign up to 'adopt' one kid and buy them a present that they wished for. They were snatched up all in one 25 min lunch period.
We informed the school's staff and parents  about the project to see if they could help and it always amazes me how this community can come together to make things happen, especially blessing others.
The high school leadership class wrapped presents and made gift tags.

The 2nd grade class made Christmas cards for every child.

Sam's mom made goodie bags for each child.

Mandy bought ornaments for the care takers.
Each care taker got a gift certificate for a manicure.

Total God story- Our kindergarten class accidentally collected toys for another orphanage and didn't need to. We took them with us and there were two new kids at the orphanage that didn't have to be left out.
Every thing just came together. 
The day of, our students went over to the orphanage and set up snacks,
Rodrigo took selfies,
and they loved on kids for about an hour. It was awesome. My favorite was watching some of our high school boys open presents with little girls and play dolls with them. It was the best!
Cute kids! Big and small. :-)

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