Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Year Three

Half way through my first year here I knew I wasn't going to be able to leave after the initial two year contract. Last week I made it official. I turned in my commitment form, provided nothing too crazy happens, I should be back for another year at CCA.

Moments that have made me want to stay in Panama:

At one of our first community outreach days last year I'm hanging with the kids and Michael stands next to me and says, "Miss B. will you stay here till I graduate?"

Watching Valerie give her testimony (in public!!!) in Peru about accepting Christ.

Morgan sitting on my lap, "Miss B. when you grow up you're gonna be a good mom."

Getting to 'babysit' Bryanna and the Hales.

My roommate, Katy, praying for me before the first day of school my first year. And every time she has prayed for me.

Sitting outside on the bench having conversations about life with Victoria and Diego and Michael and Logan and anyone else who stops by.

Getting to pray with Elle and Lauren and Trin before they went off to the States for a while.

When Price brought me Peach O's the first week of school.

FaceTiming Gina for two hours about her Freshman year.

A long conversation I had with Avery in the middle of the night while her mom was away.

Pastor Steve- "Esther is one of the teachers that has quickly come in and loved the students and have them love her back."

Bible study at the Pills.

Every family dinner with Mama Pill and Papa Pill.

Thinking about the class of 2015 wearing their black senior polos and how much I am going to cry next year when I see my babies all grown up.

Thinking about all the things I want to accomplish in the next year and a half. All the plans God has laid on my heart. Wanting to pour myself out here in Panama so that if God tells me to leave at the end of next year or any other year I will have had no regrets.