Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lessons Learned in the Cold

When I was considering working overseas the first school I looked at was in Vienna. God knew. I am not built for cold. Ideally I would be in shorts, sandals, short-sleeved shirts and shades everyday of my life.
Judge me if you must but I wore the same two pairs of leggings all day every day and didn't see my toes for 9 days. I was cold.

Things that would never happen in warm weather:
-Wake up at 6 in the morning to shovel a foot and a half of snow out of the driveway
-Steal my 11 yr old cousin's gloves because they were warmer than mine
-Rent a 4 wheel drive car to navigate snowy roads
-Have a flight attendant ask if anyone on the plane has Purell because it was so cold the reserve water on the plane was frozen over and the wipes were taking too long to get to the plane so we couldn't leave (she then stole four different ladies' hand sanitizer, by saying "give it up," so we could get moving)

I love warm weather.

Evil snow

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