Monday, April 20, 2015

Jr Sr Trip Year 2

I wish I could split my self in two. Our team of Jr and Srs went their separate ways last week. One team back to Volcan another team to Mariato/PaloSeco/LaGigi. I went on the latter. I loved Volcan Last year. That experience with the 7 of those students and two others leaders will never be replicated in my life again. It was a blind adventure that we cooked up together and the Lord blessed it and it is a sweet moment frozen in my heart that will forever make me realize that God KNOWS me.
With all that sap being said this year I went on the new trip. And was blown away in a completely different ways like...

God's creation (Rivers, Mountains, flowing water, loud roosters at 5 in the morning, etc.)
My students know how to work hard! Climbing mountains with PVC pipe or sand bags on their backs they got it! I wonder where that is in math class...? haha
I don't really mind being dirty.
I LOVE rocky rivers.
I can make pancakes with olive oil in an open flame kitchen.
If I need to pee at 1am I will do so even if I'm terrified.

Mostly I was blown away by Rio Missions. In this lovely community we have the Cottons. Dan, Jess and their 4 kids. Dan works at the school part-time and Jess raises awesome children. They have a missions base and run Rio Missions. By far the highlight of this trip was getting to see what they do in real life and not just hearing about it. One day Dan was explaining what Rio does to the team and this one statement he made struck a chord with me: We meet basic needs in Jesus' name.

We climbed a mountain to a water source and bought about a mile's worth of PVC pipe to help the community of La Gigi reroute their water supply. In Jesus' Name.

We also played soccer, by we I mean everyone else. Had field day games. Sang worship at church. Watched Horton Hears a Who. Made a bonfire. In Jesus' name.

So Much Win.

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