Thursday, September 11, 2014

I live in a place where...

-people get on the roof and cover up the windows of the skylight in the sanctuary because I want to use glow sticks during chapel.
-students remix This Little Light of Mine.
-wise women sit with me on couches or have coffee dates with me and listen to my heart.
-I want to stay but I want to go.
-so many  of my heart's desires are fulfilled but get clouded by linear equations, quadratic formulas, leading coefficient tests and proofs!
-my roommate and I play throwbacks at night and have heart to hearts on the living room floor.
-when parents meet with me they are always on my side.
-my students keep spare clothes at my house in case they want to sleep over.
-I have missed all my planned "special time" because this week has been crazy busy.
-refs from the other team stand on the court and we don't get a technical.
-my Pinterest TTM club decorates mirrors.
-we have a Rock Star chapel creativity team that is student driven and dreams big!
-I babysit for my neighbors and I look forward to it.
-I question lots of things but know God is in control.
-I get love notes on the regular.

And that was just this week!

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